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VW015Biography / Last Movement is a three pieces band based in Rome, Italy. Their music is a noisy blend between psychedelic shoegazer pop and space rock killer sound. The band was formed by frontman and guitarist Anth M. During 2013 Luca on bass and Misa on drums joined in.

members / Anth – guitars / vox Luca – bass / Misa – drums

City, Country / Rome, Italy

Official site / facebook



Venera4_VW2Biography / In the dark, all color melt together. In daylight, they are a divine radiance.
Venera 4 is a french multifaceted quartet. Their universe combines several sounds between female voices and shrill guitars; sensuality and strength.
Two boys, two girls, meeting in noisy pop songs with a delicate sense of colors… and darkness.

members /  Morgane Caux – Lead Voice, Rthm Gtr / Annabelle Chapalain – Voice, Kb /

Yann Canévet – Lead Gtr, Voice / Frédéric Tronel – Bass Gtr

City, Country / Paris, France

Official site / facebook


Chocolata - Ummagma

Biography / Ummagma is a Ukrainian-Canadian duo serving up a generous scoop of easy positive music laced with a richly layered soundscape and sublime resonance. Ethereal candy swirl! For Alexx, making music began in childhood and recording began with a double-deck recorder. Growing up in Ukraine, exposed to multiple folk influences and western albums brought in through the iron curtain, he later dived into many genres of music simultaneously. Shauna’s experience in creating music began with acappella compositions literally while exploring the wilds of Siberia and developed whi
le living in Canada, Russia and Ukraine. Her music has blossomed through collaboration with other musicians. This joint project began in 2003 as a love affair with words and sound in Moscow. The musical style is vacillating and broad, ranging from 3-minute songs to lengthy landscapes of pulsing sound. The debut album is dedicated to the world, whose colors are so beautiful in joy, the sea within us, warm hearts and sensitive souls.

Members /  Alexander Kretov, Shauna McLarnon

Country / Ukraine, Canada

Official site / facebookTwitter

Ummagma – Risky

Biography / DEAD HORSE ONE is a French eclectic musical group founded by Olivier Debard, Jérome Simonian and Antoine Pinet in 2011 in Valence. Their music spans multiple genres including Shoegaze and psychedelia…their avowed aim is to be a ”Heavenly choir of jet engines” filling the soundscape of the world with an endless extended note, wistful and melancholic….macabre and beautiful…from which will emerge pop songs…and they do.

members /  Olivier Debard – vocals, guitars / Luðóvík Nauð – Vocals, Bass /

Jérome Simonian – Guitars / Antoine Pine – Drums

Country / France

Official site / Cranes recordsfacebook

Dead Horse One ー ‪Raven‬

Biography / A Copy For Collapse is mixsture of 80’s sound, coldwave, electro and italo-disco. In october 2012 “white rainbow” featured on “indie press compilation vol. 2“(free download) the best of indie italian music scene.

“Lysergic lullaby introduces you into the dreams’ world;

state of mind where everything is possible…you can see a white rainbow. This is only an awakening from reality”

members /  Daniele Raguso

City, Country / castellana grotto, Italy

Official site / facebook

Biography / Sky Between Leaves is a London based alt-rock/Krautronica ensemble. The band’s name was taken from Jarvis Cocker’s story of the first time he wore glasses, realising that the holes in the trees were in fact the “sky between the leaves”. The visual perception translates to the band’s sound which takes us through feverish dreams and stroboscopic haze only to wake us to a deafening glittery reality.

members /  Tito – vocals, guitars / Brenno – bass and sampler / Juli – drums and perc /

City・Country / London, UK

Official site / band officialfacebook

Sky Between Leaves – Sky Between Leaves

Biography / VibraGun has an updated style inspired by the UK & US undergound scene of the late 80’s on labels like Creation and SST. Noise Pop and Alternative Rock. They’re from Seattle. They were formed in July of 2011. A loud surge of fuzzed-out guitars, droning synths, and reverb drenched harmonies. Lulling hypnotics mixed with the jagged pulse of garage rock. If you like 90’s underground alternative rock like My Bloody Valentine and The Dandy Warhols you will dig VibraGun..
VibraGun is a band from Seattle, Washington, USA which formed in late 2011. The group consists of Joel Bergstrom (vocals, guitars), Amber Joy Smith (vocals, synths), Brock Johnson (bass, guitars) and Kevin Malik (drums). The origins of the band emerged when Amber met Joel at a T.Rex tribute show. He was performing “Planet Queen” on solo electric guitar and drum machine. By the end of the night, they had bonded over a shared appreciation for underground alternative rock of the late 80’s and early 90’s, The Ramones and Berlin-era David Bowie. They got together to listen to records, and eventually began to write songs about sex, loss and love. Inspired by the lush squall of My Bloody Valentine, the seedy romanticism of The Velvet Underground, and the ambient punk of Deerhunter. The first batch of songs was assisted by James Smith (Film School) on drums and recorded with Matt Brown (Trespassers Williams). Adding Brock and Kevin in the short summer of 2011, they released their first singles “Willing Sacrifice” “Happy To Be Sad” and “Snowblind”. The band have already begun their plans to complete a full length record and tour extensively in 2012.
Melody over limit, set your controls to the heart of the gun.

Members /  Joel Bergstrom – vocals, guitars / Amber Joy Smith – vocals, synths /

Kevin Malik – drums / John West – Bass / Stephen LaJaunie – guitars

City・Country / Seattle, USA

Official site / facebookREVARB NATION

VibraGun – Snowblind

Biography / Shoegaze duo based in Thessaloniki.

Members / G and Anjel

Cello – Semeli K. (On ‘White walls painted black’) 

Violin – Mary S. (On ‘White walls painted black’) 

Drums – Nikos P. (On ‘Rise and Shine’) 

City・Country / Thessaloniki ・Greece

Store / cakesandtapes, bigcartel

Official site / official, facebook

PlasticFlowers – White Walls Painted Black

Biography / 


City・Country /  Tokyo ・Japan

Official site /  facebook

 Drowned Fish (Official Video)

Biography / Soft Lighting is the solo work of Bryan Cox, Kansas City based musician/producer. Equipped with a Juno 60 and a bedroom studio, Cox makes his own brand of light headed pop music influenced by Italo Disco, 80s film soundtracks and contemporary Chillwave artists.

Members / Bryan Cox

City・Country / Kansas City ・ USA

Label / Synthemesc Records / AMdiscs      Store / Apple Store

Official site / facebook , tumblr , YouTube , vimeo

Soft Lighting – Far Away