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1006101_622923164460234_8261806273736071012_n1533723_585944644824753_73350171_n1621785_585944684824749_1175315492_n1604922_585944631491421_1929312625_nRoman three-piece Last Movement stands at yet another impressive band to emerge from the Italian shoegaze scene. Founded by Anth M and joined in 2013 by Luca and Misa (bass and drums, respectively), the band has built its reputation on the back of a strong but delightfully eerie atmospheric sound – a tripped out blend of shoegaze, space rock with hints of inspiration drawn from any number of genres. 2014 has signaled a further evolution of Last Movement’s sound with the release of some new tracks including the hauntingly addictive “Feels Like You”. It’s got all of the qualities of a Last Movement track – distant but clear, resonating vocals swirling with reverb soaked guitars and chorus-heavy melodic leads – but with a nice little groove to it. The band’s entrancing formula wisps you away over the first three quarters of the song before a crescendo into its big wailing mass of a conclusion. “Feels Like You”, as can be said of Last Movement’s entire body of work, is a breathtaking representation of a new era of dreamy shoegaze music. It’s loud. It’s beautiful. It’s confident.

Text by Matthew Bedford from MUSO PLANET

VW015 // Feels Like You


VW015Biography / Last Movement is a three pieces band based in Rome, Italy. Their music is a noisy blend between psychedelic shoegazer pop and space rock killer sound. The band was formed by frontman and guitarist Anth M. During 2013 Luca on bass and Misa on drums joined in.

members / Anth – guitars / vox Luca – bass / Misa – drums

City, Country / Rome, Italy

Official site / facebook


MUSO Planet is FREE ZIN to introduce the noisy indie music from around the world.
It can be free downloaded from here! >> Muso Planet volume 5.



VW014 // Venera4

Venera4_VWLike a beautiful symphony created from chaos.
Venera4 is Two boys and two girls are shoegaze bands met and formed in France. Its name seems to have been named after the Russian Venus orbiter.
“Seabed Terror” is their first single, where a chorus is very impressive. The rough guitar noise will feel the shiningly diffused reflection of sun in the deep sea, and forming a crazy beautiful noise as crave it. On the other hand, BORA BORA has a slightly nostalgic image. Venera4 which was launched in the outer space having despair and hope, like when departed for Venus. I imagine such feelings. Venera4 will convey an unknown place to us.
And other day, I received great news from them! They released second EP in march april! A remarkable their high aesthetic sense of works!

VW014 // A. Seabed Terror / B. BORA BORA

Venera4_VW2Biography / In the dark, all color melt together. In daylight, they are a divine radiance.
Venera 4 is a french multifaceted quartet. Their universe combines several sounds between female voices and shrill guitars; sensuality and strength.
Two boys, two girls, meeting in noisy pop songs with a delicate sense of colors… and darkness.

members /  Morgane Caux – Lead Voice, Rthm Gtr / Annabelle Chapalain – Voice, Kb /

Yann Canévet – Lead Gtr, Voice / Frédéric Tronel – Bass Gtr

City, Country / Paris, France

Official site / facebook



Merry Christmas everyone!
The Christmas present arrived from WaMoo Papez!
“Poppy” shared here is a part in EP He is going to release in January. It is a ChillWave track at hypnotic. I cannot wait for 2013!

VW013 // Ummagma

406866_527110540651407_1216872411_n148220_539557539406707_468279863_nExaltation of emotion is the maximum wind speed, and God of the sound dwells here.
Ummagma is the Ukrainian-Canadian duo formed in 2003. They are affirmative against all kinds of music and could be said that it is shows the alternative method for experiencing the world. That is why the blog and the radiobroadcast offer to them will not stop.
Voice that is reminiscent of Elizabeth Fraser of the heyday and the contrast that multiple guitars weaves are splendid. Liberation of the sorrow, and pleasure to depart for tomorrow. The synchronism of sound images that shoegaze, acoustic, and electronica various elements have been condensed. Especially these 2 songs are symbolizing it, You will have to listen to it for sure.

VW013 // A. Lama / B. Risky

Chocolata - Ummagma

Biography / Ummagma is a Ukrainian-Canadian duo serving up a generous scoop of easy positive music laced with a richly layered soundscape and sublime resonance. Ethereal candy swirl! For Alexx, making music began in childhood and recording began with a double-deck recorder. Growing up in Ukraine, exposed to multiple folk influences and western albums brought in through the iron curtain, he later dived into many genres of music simultaneously. Shauna’s experience in creating music began with acappella compositions literally while exploring the wilds of Siberia and developed whi
le living in Canada, Russia and Ukraine. Her music has blossomed through collaboration with other musicians. This joint project began in 2003 as a love affair with words and sound in Moscow. The musical style is vacillating and broad, ranging from 3-minute songs to lengthy landscapes of pulsing sound. The debut album is dedicated to the world, whose colors are so beautiful in joy, the sea within us, warm hearts and sensitive souls.

Members /  Alexander Kretov, Shauna McLarnon

Country / Ukraine, Canada

Official site / facebookTwitter

Ummagma – Risky

Dead Horse One was formed in 2011 in France. Their music seems to be strongly affected by 1960s rock and 90s alternative rock. We introduce focused on the particularly psychedelic guitar sound them. “Raven” is a killer tune that has a catchy melody it can be said their representative song. It was released in March 2012 from Cranes Records has included in the Split 10′ vinyl that production with THE DEAD MANTRA.
To pretend is one of my favorite songs. This guitar is sound like a big swells of the ocean  feel like the consciousness that totally awoke between a dream and reality.

VW012 // A. Raven / B. To pretend

Biography / DEAD HORSE ONE is a French eclectic musical group founded by Olivier Debard, Jérome Simonian and Antoine Pinet in 2011 in Valence. Their music spans multiple genres including Shoegaze and psychedelia…their avowed aim is to be a ”Heavenly choir of jet engines” filling the soundscape of the world with an endless extended note, wistful and melancholic….macabre and beautiful…from which will emerge pop songs…and they do.

members /  Olivier Debard – vocals, guitars / Luðóvík Nauð – Vocals, Bass /

Jérome Simonian – Guitars / Antoine Pine – Drums

Country / France

Official site / Cranes recordsfacebook

Dead Horse One ー ‪Raven‬