Venera4_VWLike a beautiful symphony created from chaos.
Venera4 is Two boys and two girls are shoegaze bands met and formed in France. Its name seems to have been named after the Russian Venus orbiter.
“Seabed Terror” is their first single, where a chorus is very impressive. The rough guitar noise will feel the shiningly diffused reflection of sun in the deep sea, and forming a crazy beautiful noise as crave it. On the other hand, BORA BORA has a slightly nostalgic image. Venera4 which was launched in the outer space having despair and hope, like when departed for Venus. I imagine such feelings. Venera4 will convey an unknown place to us.
And other day, I received great news from them! They released second EP in march april! A remarkable their high aesthetic sense of works!

VW014 // A. Seabed Terror / B. BORA BORA