Chocolata - Ummagma

Biography / Ummagma is a Ukrainian-Canadian duo serving up a generous scoop of easy positive music laced with a richly layered soundscape and sublime resonance. Ethereal candy swirl! For Alexx, making music began in childhood and recording began with a double-deck recorder. Growing up in Ukraine, exposed to multiple folk influences and western albums brought in through the iron curtain, he later dived into many genres of music simultaneously. Shauna’s experience in creating music began with acappella compositions literally while exploring the wilds of Siberia and developed whi
le living in Canada, Russia and Ukraine. Her music has blossomed through collaboration with other musicians. This joint project began in 2003 as a love affair with words and sound in Moscow. The musical style is vacillating and broad, ranging from 3-minute songs to lengthy landscapes of pulsing sound. The debut album is dedicated to the world, whose colors are so beautiful in joy, the sea within us, warm hearts and sensitive souls.

Members /  Alexander Kretov, Shauna McLarnon

Country / Ukraine, Canada

Official site / facebookTwitter

Ummagma – Risky