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1006101_622923164460234_8261806273736071012_n1533723_585944644824753_73350171_n1621785_585944684824749_1175315492_n1604922_585944631491421_1929312625_nRoman three-piece Last Movement stands at yet another impressive band to emerge from the Italian shoegaze scene. Founded by Anth M and joined in 2013 by Luca and Misa (bass and drums, respectively), the band has built its reputation on the back of a strong but delightfully eerie atmospheric sound – a tripped out blend of shoegaze, space rock with hints of inspiration drawn from any number of genres. 2014 has signaled a further evolution of Last Movement’s sound with the release of some new tracks including the hauntingly addictive “Feels Like You”. It’s got all of the qualities of a Last Movement track – distant but clear, resonating vocals swirling with reverb soaked guitars and chorus-heavy melodic leads – but with a nice little groove to it. The band’s entrancing formula wisps you away over the first three quarters of the song before a crescendo into its big wailing mass of a conclusion. “Feels Like You”, as can be said of Last Movement’s entire body of work, is a breathtaking representation of a new era of dreamy shoegaze music. It’s loud. It’s beautiful. It’s confident.

Text by Matthew Bedford from MUSO PLANET

VW015 // Feels Like You


VW015Biography / Last Movement is a three pieces band based in Rome, Italy. Their music is a noisy blend between psychedelic shoegazer pop and space rock killer sound. The band was formed by frontman and guitarist Anth M. During 2013 Luca on bass and Misa on drums joined in.

members / Anth – guitars / vox Luca – bass / Misa – drums

City, Country / Rome, Italy

Official site / facebook


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