Biography / VibraGun has an updated style inspired by the UK & US undergound scene of the late 80’s on labels like Creation and SST. Noise Pop and Alternative Rock. They’re from Seattle. They were formed in July of 2011. A loud surge of fuzzed-out guitars, droning synths, and reverb drenched harmonies. Lulling hypnotics mixed with the jagged pulse of garage rock. If you like 90’s underground alternative rock like My Bloody Valentine and The Dandy Warhols you will dig VibraGun..
VibraGun is a band from Seattle, Washington, USA which formed in late 2011. The group consists of Joel Bergstrom (vocals, guitars), Amber Joy Smith (vocals, synths), Brock Johnson (bass, guitars) and Kevin Malik (drums). The origins of the band emerged when Amber met Joel at a T.Rex tribute show. He was performing “Planet Queen” on solo electric guitar and drum machine. By the end of the night, they had bonded over a shared appreciation for underground alternative rock of the late 80’s and early 90’s, The Ramones and Berlin-era David Bowie. They got together to listen to records, and eventually began to write songs about sex, loss and love. Inspired by the lush squall of My Bloody Valentine, the seedy romanticism of The Velvet Underground, and the ambient punk of Deerhunter. The first batch of songs was assisted by James Smith (Film School) on drums and recorded with Matt Brown (Trespassers Williams). Adding Brock and Kevin in the short summer of 2011, they released their first singles “Willing Sacrifice” “Happy To Be Sad” and “Snowblind”. The band have already begun their plans to complete a full length record and tour extensively in 2012.
Melody over limit, set your controls to the heart of the gun.

Members /  Joel Bergstrom – vocals, guitars / Amber Joy Smith – vocals, synths /

Kevin Malik – drums / John West – Bass / Stephen LaJaunie – guitars

City・Country / Seattle, USA

Official site / facebookREVARB NATION

VibraGun – Snowblind